HyALTA Aeronautics has a number of UAV and propulsion technology systems.

HD1 is vehicle designed to operate in and easily transition between maritime subsurface, surface, ground, hover, and forward flight domains. HD1 can operate in or back and forth between any or all of these domains during a single sortie. This allows a single HD1 to perform missions that would otherwise require two to four separate vehicles with their separate attendant control and support systems.  Whitepaper.

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HyALTA is a hybrid lighter-than-air (LTA) and flying wing air vehicle that allows a single vehicle to provide the simplicity, vertical heavy lift, and extended efficient station keeping capabilities of an LTA with the high glide ratio (>40:1) and velocity (up to 200 kts.) of low coefficient of drag flying wings. Whitepaper.

Prototype Images | Simulation Video

HySwarm is intended to answer the need for a high-speed, low-cost swarming drone that will operate in the air, land or submerged. Using a counter-rotating drive system mounted in a gimbal, this patented design answers that need. This design can perform all of the functions of our HyDrone in a very small form factor. Whitepaper.

HyRound takes all of the functionality of our HD1 and packages it in a configuration that can be packed into a cylindrical package. This allows for compact storage and facilitates launching or deployment from tube launchers (e.g. torpedo tubes, ECM launchers…). The canister can also act as a sustainment and support container for long-term storage or advanced deployment of highly capable drones months in advance of an anticipated need.