HD1Air, Ground, and Maritime Capabilities
from a Single Unmanned Vehicle
HD1 is a dynamically reconfigurable hybrid Unmanned Vehicle with capabilities in air, ground, and maritime domains. Enabled by our HyAMPS (US Patent 10,180,083, with additional patents pending) drive system, HD1 is able to orient its ducted fans horizontally or vertically for aerial and maritime use and also orthogonally to function as a direct drive wheel for terrestrial use.
HyALTAHybrid Advanced Lighter-Than-Air UASA hybrid lighter-than-air (LTA) and flying wing air vehicle that allows a single vehicle to provide the simplicity, vertical heavy lift, and extended efficient station keeping capabilities of an LTA with the high glide ratio (>40:1) and velocity (up to 200 kts.) of low coefficient of drag flying wings. This patented design (U.S. Patents 9,623,954/10,287,000/10.377,465/10,532,803 and other patents pending) is unlike other conventional or LTA aircraft.
HyDRAAdvanced Passive UAS Kill and Recovery SystemSince HyALTA can travel faster than any conventional UAV in its low drag flying wing configuration and can loiter, almost indefinitely in its lighter than air configurations, the concept is to have HyALTA station keep until directed to dash and capture an incoming UAV in long Mylar or nylon strands dangling below (reminiscent of a Portuguese Man-of-War).
HySwarmMedium Agnostic (Air, Land or Maritime) Low Cost, High Velocity UASThe HySWARM (Hybrid Single-drive, Water, Air, Road Machine) design is a hybrid Unmanned Vehicle that allows a single vehicle to operate in all mediums (air, water and land) using a single set of drive motors. This transformational design is enabled by innovative gimballed propulsion system (US patents pending).
HyCarrierSWARM Delivery and Range Extension System
Unmanned Vehicle Range and Communication Extension
the user has the ability to use HyALTA to carry one or more HyDrones to a location, using its high speed and long flight duration capabilities, Arriving at the deployment site, HyALTA deploys one or more HD1s into air, land or water environments. HD1 can completer the UAV mission for which it is configured while HyALTA loiters for later recovery of HD12 or rises to an elevation where it can loiter as a over-the-horizon or satellite communication relay or data collector.
HyDriveEncapsulated Magneto Hydrodynamic Drive
Practical Implementation of Magneto Hydrodynamics Using Encapsulated Fluids
Hydrodynamic Drive (MHD) concept provides nearly silent propulsion for submersible vehicles with no moving parts. Magnetohydrodynamic drive or MHD accelerator is a method for propelling vehicles using only electric and magnetic fields with no moving parts, accelerating an electrically conductive propellant (liquid or gas) with magnetohydrodynamics. The fluid is directed to the rear of a propulsion tube and as a reaction, the vehicle accelerates forward.
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